Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sebastian and Pancakes


  1. This is amazing, ms. brew'
    Big fan of your work

  2. OK not too bad at all.

    There are some places we can plus this but before we go there lets go over some other things first.

    00:09- You don't have to and I wouldn't recommend having Pancakes and Keys switch places, keep Keys on the left and Pancakes on the right.

    00:29- If Pancakes is going to walk up in the path since we have her going off in that direction previously, we should flip the panel so the path TAKES us further into the story.

    01:38- Push the characters right and get them on thirds, keep Skookums off center.

    01:40 - 01:42- This might be a great place for a Close up on Pancakes then an insert on her feet and then resolving the action back on the close up of Pancakes, this has an opportunity to really heighten the emotional content.

    This is pretty good look for places to add antics where appropriate.