Thursday, August 22, 2013



  1. On the second panel I would push the frame over a bit so that Pancakes is situated on the first and second third of the screen, this will help with continuity.

  2. Alright-y, these are not bad at all, I can see you are leveling up in your story telling ability. This assignment is often difficult due to the constraints of just 3 panels per bullet point.

    The next step is to look for opprotunities to Plus the action and for places to increase clarity.

    By adding an antic (a small preparatory action) before the main action, such as throwing the frisbee, it will strengthen that action.

    EX. Right before Pancakes throws the the frisbee add another frame before, that has the same background and same staging that has her holding the frisbee pulled back before she throws it. These antics increase the entertainment value in our storyboards as well as the final animation.

    I would also maybe think about a frame before Skookums jumps for the frisbee (so between 8 and 9) where he builds up all his kenetic energy before he jumps, there is a really great opprotunity for some great poses here.

    Good job!

    Lets add some panels and start thinking about clean up for these.